50 Indian Incense Burning Cones - Amber
Hand made in India from the finest pure natural ingredients! 

The fragrance of amber is characteristically defined as a sweet, woody earthy note from blends of various resins, with a touch of vanilla which give the amber their characteristically sweet aroma. They may also contain other oils.

Height: 2.5cm
Width: 1cm
If you would like a mix of fragrances, just let us know.

Burn cone until you get a red cherry on top and blow out any flames, if not burnt correctly cone may go out!

Any questions just drop us a message, we would be more than happy
to help!

50 Indian Incense Burning Cones - Amber 2.5cm

  • Hand made from India
    2.5cm x 1cm

  • 14 days return policy, Buyer pays postage.


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